Brother of man arrested for child molestation detained

In a burgeoning family child molestation case, the brother of a Jerusalem man under arrest for allegedly sexually molesting his two young nephews for seven years with the knowledge of their parents was apprehended Monday for sexually molesting other children in the city neighborhood, police said. The two children, aged 9 and 4, were sexually molested in their Mea Shearim home by their mother's brother from the age of 2, Jerusalem police spokesman Asi Aharoni said. The children's mother, who is pregnant with her fourth child, heard her kids wailing when they were repeatedly sexually abused by their uncle in the home but did nothing to stop the attacks after a Rabbi her husband consulted told the couple to keep quiet, he said. The kids were molested dozens of times over the years, the police said. The two suspected child abusers as well as the children's parents have been remanded in custody by a Jerusalem court.