B'Tselem: Firing of Flechette shell in Gaza violates laws of war

B'Tselem released a report on Thursday claiming that Reuters cameraman Fadel Shana'a was killed by a Flechette shell, based upon the results of the slain photojournalist's autopsy. B'Tselem is demanding that the IDF's Judge Advocate General immediately prohibit the use of the Flechette-based weapons system. The Flechette shell is an anti-personnel weapon generally fired from a tank, which explodes in the air and releases thousands of small metal darts, which disperse in a conical arch of approximately 300 by 90 meters. B'Tselem claimed that circumstances in the Gaza Strip render the use of Flechette shells illegal due to the wide dispersal area of the darts which, when used in populated areas, constitutes a type of indiscriminate firing, and thereby endangers innocent civilians, in violation of international humanitarian law. B'Tselem is continuing its investigation into other civilian deaths as part of yesterday's events in Juhor a-Dik village, southeast of Gaza City.