Businessman falls prey to extortion

Disgruntled ex-CEO allegedly hires criminals to threaten Zvika Barenboim.

zvika barenbom 88 (photo credit: )
zvika barenbom 88
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A group of criminals hired by businessman Sha'ul Ashkenazi allegedly tried to extort businessman Zvika Barenboim over a business disagreement, police announced Tuesday. Barenboim is one of the owners of Tadiran Communications and Polgat, and a few months ago purchased the computer program SPL. Shortly thereafter, he fired the CEO, Shaul Ashkenazi, who held 30 percent of the company’s shares. Ashkenazi tried to fight losing his shares in court, and when his efforts failed, he turned for help to three criminals who were interested in entering the legitimate business world, Army Radio reported. According to allegations, the three harassed Barenboim, his family, and company workers. They arrived at the company’s offices and made many harassing telephone calls. The men reportedly spread rumors about supposed debts the company owed, in order to frighten employees and went so far as to interrupt a directors’ meeting that was held in the building. In one instance, Barenboim received flowers from the criminals, with clear threats to his life enclosed in the bouquet. The police will ask to extend the remands of the Ashkenazi and his three suspected accomplices on Tuesday.