Car-bomb attempt foiled near J'lem

PA says it found car filled with gas canisters and handed it over to IDF.

forces surround car 298. (photo credit: AP [file])
forces surround car 298.
(photo credit: AP [file])
An attempt to detonate a car bomb on the tunnels highway south of Jerusalem or in the capital itself was foiled on Thursday afternoon. Palestinian security officials in the nearby Bethlehem region claimed that they found the car - which was filled with gas canisters and tires soaked with gasoline - and handed it over to the IDF. An IDF spokesperson confirmed that the army did have a car bomb in its possession and was in the process of neutralizing it. However, he said it was still unclear whether PA forces had uncovered the car. An alert delayed traffic at a main entrance to Bethlehem. Another act of terrorism was thwarted early Thursday morning when IDF reserve forces arrested a Palestinian woman in the West Bank village of A-Sira A-Shamaliya suspected of planning to commit a suicide bombing. She was handed over to questioning by security forces. On Wednesday, a massive explosion occurred in Gaza when the IAF launched a missile at a car that turned out to be laden with explosives. The incident triggered a barrage of Kassams from the Gaza Strip into Israel on Thursday.