Careworker jailed for 29 years for sexually abusing 29 children

Yitzhak Borovski was employed at a kindergarten and schools in a central Israel haredi neighborhood.

jail 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
jail 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Yitzhak Borovski, who was employed as a careworker in a kindergarten and schools in his haredi neighborhood, was jailed for 29 years on Thursday for committing sodomy and other forms of sexual abuse against 29 children over a period of six months. Judges in the Tel Aviv District Court said they had decided to hand down a harsh punishment since Borovski did not take responsibility for his actions and that he claimed he was a victim of libel. Borovski, 30, from a haredi neighborhood in central Israel, committed the offenses on kids aged between three and 12. The court said that he exploited his position, convincing the children to let him abuse them by offering them presents and using threats when he deemed it necessary. He warned several of his victims that he would harm them further if they told anyone of the abuse. The court also gave Borovski a three-year suspended sentence and fined him NIS 290,000.