Cat mutilated, impaled in Tel Aviv

Police opens investigation to find assailant who sliced a stray cat in half on a corner of north Tel Aviv.

Police have opened an investigation to find an unidentified assailant who left a stray cat sliced-in-half, mutilated, and impaled on a stick in a sleepy corner of north Tel Aviv, The Jerusalem Post has learned.
According to a representative of the animal rights organization AHAVA, the state of the mutilated cat, which belonged to a Holocaust survivor who passed away recently, left a volunteer from the organization shaken and speechless.
Late one recent night, someone snuck into the backyard of a house on Rechov Miryam Hahashmonait, snatched the cat and using an unknown device cut the animal into two pieces, impaling its head and front legs on a stick. The bottom half of the cat was left on the floor next to a makeshift trap that the assailant had fashioned for future victims.
A police forensic unit was called to the scene and confiscated the trap in order to take DNA samples.
AHAVA said another incident of animal torture took place on the same street recently, when an assailant gouged an eye out of a kitten and sliced its neck, before passersby forced him to flee.
The kitten managed to survive the incident and was taken in by the organization.
The organization is currently trying to gather funds for a cash reward that will encourage someone who witnessed the incident or knows who the assailant is to come forward.
They have also expressed interest in hiring a private investigator.
On Thursday, AHAVA said, “It is clear that a person who does something like this is dangerous and it is only a matter of time until they hurt a child or an elderly person or anyone who just randomly crosses their path some dark night.”
A spokeswoman for the Tel Aviv police said Thursday that police had opened an investigation into the case and though they have no suspects, “it was probably just some kids.”
When asked if they viewed the incident with severity, the spokeswoman said “We view this with severity just like any other crime.”
Readers with information can call AHAVA on (03) 644- 6888.