CBS: 17,048 road accidents in 2006

Number of fatal accidents decreases by two percent since 2005.

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According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), 17,048 road accidents resulting in injuries to 35,311 persons were reported in Israel in 2006, not including the West Bank. Israel Police reported that 413 were killed and 2,242 were seriously injured. In comparison with data from 2005, the number of fatal accidents decreased by two percent and the number of those killed decreased by seven percent. The total amount of accidents and those injured (including killed) in 2006 rose by one percent. The CBS data shows that between January and December of 2006 the rate of accidents per month decreased by an average of 0.6% as opposed to an average 0.5% per month between April and December 2005. There were 492 total accidents involving 1,398 people in the West Bank in 2006. Of the 492 accidents, 26 led to 34 fatalities and 98 led to 146 serious injuries. In December 2006, Israel Police received 5,300 reports of accidents in which persons were lightly injured, out of which 80 occurred in the West Bank. Statistics, however, show that the number of those killed on the road in 2006 is the lowest in the past 21 years. When including statistics from the West Bank, the number is the lowest in the past 39 years. As of May 1994, CBS data does not include accidents that occurred in the Palestinian Authority territories.