Channel 1: Police to question Olmert on Cremieux home affair

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be summoned by police in the next few days for questioning on the Cremieux Street home affair, Channel 1 reported Tuesday. Olmert is suspected of receiving a deduction of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the price of his Jerusalem home in return for using his influence to obtain substantial building concessions for the contractor from the Jerusalem Municipality. Channel 1 also said that Olmert's former law partner and close friend, Uri Messer, would also be investigated again. Olmert, during his 2003-2005 tenure as minister of industry, trade and labor led the Investment Center which was operated by the ministry. During that period, investigators believe Olmert may have given Messer favorable treatment, granting 'approved industry' status to Silicat Industries, Inc. - which Messer represented.