Channel 1: Yeshiva students sought revenge

Reports Mercaz Harav students hoped to target top Arab official affiliated with J'lem mosque.

Mercaz Harav library 224 (photo credit: AP)
Mercaz Harav library 224
(photo credit: AP)
Students from Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, where a Palestinian gunman killed eight last week, planned a revenge attack against a senior Arab official affiliated with a mosque at the Temple Mount, Channel 1 reported Tuesday. The attack has not been carried out and no arrests have been made, the TV channel said, quoting security sources. Three students met at the seminary with two rabbis to discuss whether Jewish law would permit such an attack, the TV channel said. One of the rabbis gave his blessing for the attack, according to the report. An additional rabbi from a Tel Aviv suburb also gave his approval for the attack, said the channel. "Torah law is that you should respond," one of the rabbi's was quoted as saying. Mercaz Harav denied the report and was even considering suing Channel 1 for libel. "The report is baseless, proven by the fact that no arrests have been made," read a statement from the yeshiva. Police would not comment on the report but said they have prepared for the possibility of such attacks in response to the shooting. Any attack on a Muslim figure in Jerusalem would certainly inflame tensions in the capital. Due to the sensitivities, police have in the past acted quickly to stop several attempts by Jewish extremists to attack the mosque compound.