'Children born here belong here'

Meretz MK Gilon responds to Yishai's remarks about migrants' children.

311_foreign workers' kids (photo credit: Ariel Schalit/AP)
311_foreign workers' kids
(photo credit: Ariel Schalit/AP)
Meretz MK Ilan Gilon demanded that the State of Israel take responsibility for foreign workers' children born in Israel regardless of whether they were legally entitled to reside in Israel in an Army Radio interview on Sunday.
"Every politician has a law he chooses to ignore or violate," said Gilon. "Foreign workers are people. Children born in a specific place belong to that place." He added,  "There is nothing else that can be done."RELATED:Tel Aviv protest: 'Let the kids stay'Hundreds protest deportation6 migrants killed trying to enter IsraelGilon's comments came in response to claims made by a spokesman for Interior Minister Eli Yishai that Yishai was subjected to a concerted media campaign against him and that the minister was only seeking to enforce Israeli laws against migrant parents who were seeking to use their children as a means towards getting permanent residency in Israel without regard for existing immigration laws.
Eli Yishai is the target of a media campaign, Yishai's spokesman told Army Radio on Sunday
"If you look at the different coverage in local and national media, it is clear that some people are trying to unleash a media campaign to harm Eli Yishai," said the spokesman. He added that unchecked illegal immigration undermines the "Zionist enterprise."
Yishai's spokesman stressed that the Shas minister's opposition to allowing the foreign workers' children to stay in Israel was due to his belief that their parents were using them to get around the Israeli immigration laws. "If we were talking about children without parents, orphans, no one would argue that we should them back to Sudan."