'Climbing electric poles isn't like him'

Dead Labor volunteer's mother says she doesn't want to lay blame.

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Aliza Golan, the mother of Liad Golan, 27, who was electrocuted on Saturday after he climbed an electric pole to hang an election sign, said on Sunday that she had never worried about her son's political activities. "Ever since he was a kid he took part in labor rallies with his father and me. He was a serious, responsible boy. This business of climbing on electric poles doesn't seem like him. It's not like him to put himself in danger. I was always quiet about him," Aliza told Army Radio. "The police explained what happened, but no one explained it to me. No one saw it first-hand, but talked about it after it happened. I don't want to blame anyone. After I get all the details, I'll lay blame where and when I see fit." "Right now," Aliza continued, "I'm in such pain and such loss. Nothing will give me back my Liad." The Labor Party issued a statement saying that they mourned Golan's death, and that they embraced his family in their time of hardship. Labor Party Chairman Amir Peretz spoke with Golan's mother, and said that "the party shall be with the family in the rough times ahead." In sympathy with the bereaved family, the party said that they would suspend all activities for the remainder of the day, and Peretz called for the convening of a special party committee to investigate the tragedy. Labor's Sunday evening election ads will open with a memorial to Liad, whose funeral is scheduled to be held at four-thirty p.m. on Sunday at Kibbutz Beit Hashita.