Convicted shooter Pinner to run on Herut list

British-born Daniel Pinner, who was convicted two weeks ago of shooting an Arab in the leg, is to run for the Knesset as number 10 on the Herut party list in the March election. The 39-year old electrician believes Herut leader Michael Kleiner approached him because of what he represents. "I don't think I'm an important person but I think I'm an important concept," he said from Masiyahu prison in Ramle. One of the main planks in Herut's platform is to encourage Arabs to leave Israel by offering them a financial "emigration basket," similar to the "aliyah basket" that new immigrants receive when they come to live in Israel, Pinner said. He was found guilty of wounding the Arab during clashes between Palestinians and Jews on the beach in Gush Katif in June, two months before the disengagement program. Pinner admitted firing his gun but denied the charges made against him, saying he fired in the air in self defense.