Counterfeit coins circulate around country

An official Bank Of Israel press release Thursday warned of counterfeit NIS 5 coins being circulated throughout the country. Although these coins, bearing the mint year 5765, resemble regular NIS 5 coins, there are several ways to differentiate between the two. For example, the real NIS 5 coin has the word Israel printed on the bottom of the state's emblem, while the word does not appear on the counterfeit copy's emblem. The counterfeit coin is also missing the double lines on the square, at the base of the column found below the emblem of the state of Israel. Additionally, when scratched with a sharp object, the counterfeit coins reveal that they are minted on a pink metal. The Bank of Israel said that the public should beware of the aforementioned warning signs and meticulously examine all NIS 5 coins with a mint date of 5765, to prevent commerce problems.