Court convicts 4 Topaz attack suspects

Court convicts 4 last su

The four last defendants involved in attacks on media executives ordered by the late entertainer Dudu Topaz were convicted at the Tel Aviv District Court on Monday morning. The men, Daniel Zanko, Noam Awa'ami, Sulieman Khiadra and Aiman Zebidat, were convicted after reaching a plea bargain with the prosecution. Topaz's neighbor, Daniel Zanko, was convicted of plotting to commit a crime and of premeditated aggravated assault. Zanko admitted to mediating between Topaz and the men hired to attack Keshet director-general Avi Nir and Shira Margalit, deputy director-general of the Reshet television network. Noam Awa'ami, who was originally charged with attacking Avi Nir was found guilty of taking part in the assault. The prosecution and the defense agreed to ask the court that Awa'a'mi receive a two-year jail sentence. Sulieman Khiadra was convicted of attacking Margalit, while Aiman Zebidat, who provided the car used by Khiadra, was found guilty of assisting in the attack on Margalit. The court is expected to sentence the men in the coming two months. Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report