Court indicts 3 Acre residents over Facebook video

After Channel 2 broadcast of speeding clip, one of the passengers told the TV station that the speedometer was stuck on 260 km/h.

An indictment was issued by the Acre Traffic Court on Tuesday against a driver and two passengers who posted a video on Facebook in August in which they are shown driving 260 kmh (161 mph) on the Tel Aviv-Haifa coastal road.
The indictment represents the first time ever that charges have been filed against someone in Israel for a video posted on the social networking site.
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In the video, the driver and the two passengers, all from Acre, can be seen rocketing down as section of highway two between Netanya and Haifa where the posted speed limit is 90km (56mph).
As a Kobi Peretz song plays on the radio, the driver can be seen taking his hands off the wheel and applauding as the passengers scream in encouragement. At one point he cuts the headlights, and screams “I’m going to hit a wall”.
After the video was broadcast by Channel 2 in August, one of the passengers told the TV station that the video was a gag. The passenger stated that the speedometer was stuck on 260 and that in fact, the BMW sports car was traveling at a much slower speed.