Crime watch: Lightfingers

rebecca crime watch 88 (photo credit: )
rebecca crime watch 88
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Granny nabbed for wallet theft While youth-on-youth crime has been making headlines in recent months, Tel Aviv police uncovered a new criminal demographic prowling the streets: pensioner pickpockets. During operations by Yarkon Subdistrict detectives to prevent pickpocketing in the city's Carmel Market, police noticed an elderly woman nabbing the wallet of an 81-year-old victim. The wallet-grabbing grandma, a 71-year-old Tel Aviv resident, was arrested by police, and the loot was returned to her octogenarian victim. The suspect was questioned by police and then released on bail, with police citing her age as justification for not jailing her. Stolen tank turrets found in truck Police officers from Magav's Dekel Unit stopped a truck at the Nitzanim Junction overnight Tuesday. Inside the truck's container section, the police found cargo that aroused their suspicions slightly - four tank turrets. The driver of the truck, a 51-year-old Ashdod resident claimed that he had been gathering "trash" near Beersheba and was en route to Sdeh Uziyahu to sell the spare iron parts. Police found the idea of tank turrets in the trash somewhat implausible, and after a brief investigation discovered that the turrets had been nabbed from IDF training facilities in the Negev. The suspect was arrested. ... and more strange cargo Earlier this week, police officers from the Zichron Ya'acov Station stopped a Ford that had aroused their suspicions near the Faradis Junction. They discovered that the car contained two suspects in their twenties from Nazareth. In the car's trunk, however, they made a slightly less ordinary discovery - six sheep. The sheep were returned to their owners in Faradis, and the suspects were turned over to the Border Police agricultural crimes unit "Erez".