Dispatcher of suicide bomber killed

Sources say Mahmoud Abu Abait was responsible for bombing attempt in TA.

islamic jihad 248 88 ap (photo credit: )
islamic jihad 248 88 ap
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The Islamic Jihad vowed on Wednesday to avenge the death of the group's leader in Jenin, who was reportedly behind a planned suicide attack in Tel Aviv that was thwarted by police on Tuesday. "The Zionist enemy's crimes and killing will not affect our resistance program and God willing today's crime will not pass without revenge and revenge will be soon," the group said. Mahmoud Abu Abait, 24, was traveling in a car in the center of Jenin when undercover IDF soldiers shot and killed him, the witnesses said. An Israeli combat helicopter was seen in the area at the time, they said. According to Army Radio, defense sources said the would-be bomber who was arrested in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening admitted during his interrogation that Abait was the one who had sent him on the mission and supplied him with the homemade explosives he was carrying. On Tuesday, Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombing attempt. The bomber was from the Jenin area. Overnight Tuesday, IDF troops also arrested three more wanted Islamic Jihad operatives during the Jenin operation. They also arrested a Hamas member in Hebron.