Dozens arrested for Mughrabi Gate riots

Following the arrests, the total number of people currently being held by Jerusalem Police rose to 71.

Police "settled a score" with dozens of Jerusalem residents believed to have been involved in public disturbances last week against the controversial construction work at the Mughrabi Gate, near the Temple Mount. Enlisting intelligence information and pictures filmed by police during last week's disturbances in east Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount, police arrested and detained for investigation 50 suspects, including minors, in a Tuesday operation. Following the arrests, the total number of people currently being held by Jerusalem Police under suspicion of participation in public disturbances during protest against the project rose to 71, with 35 of the prisoners being juveniles. Police said the remands of all of the recent detainees had been extended. Meanwhile, the Jewish Quarter Development Company denied Tuesday evening reports that it had withdrawn its original request for a building permit for the Mughrabi Gate bridge construction. The construction project is slated to replace a temporary bridge to the gate, which in turn was built after the ramp leading to the gate suffered structural failure due to heavy precipitation. Earlier Tuesday, reports claimed that the company, which owns the land on which excavations are underway to prepare for the bridge, pulled the request following a decision by Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski late Sunday night to re-evaluate the building plans for the walkway. The decision would mean that the construction of the bridge would need to be examined anew. The initial reports quoted the company's CEO, Nissim Arzi, as saying the company was looking at alternate plans for the bridge. Osnat Goaz, spokeswoman for the Israel Antiquities Authority said that the excavations would continue, no matter what decision was made as to the future of the ramp.