Dozens of drug pushers busted in South

Heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, and marijuana some of the wares being offered by the dealers to two undercover agents.

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cocaine 88
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Thanks to two undercover agents, police arrested dozens of drug dealers across the South overnight Monday, Southern District police spokeswoman Sarit Philipson said. Heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, and marijuana were some of the wares being offered by the dealers, Philipson said, adding that the agents received medals of honor from Southern District police chief Cmdr. Uri Bar-Lev in a "humble ceremony." The raids took place in Eilat, Dimona and Yeroham, where the male and female undercover agents had made contact with the dealers. "These cities will be dry, to use the professional term. They'll be free from drugs for a good while now," Philipson said. "The dealers came from all walks of life," she added, noting that one dealer was a single mother to a baby, while another served as a "drug waitress" in a club. A third dealer was a criminology student. Lior Malka, the female agent, incriminated around 20 dealers, leading to the arrest of 15 so far. "At one point, she was almost discovered," Philipson said, describing the determination of the undercover agents as "remarkable." Malka "has a mother sick with cancer in Beersheba. The mother didn't understand why her daughter insisted on living in Eilat, far from her," the spokeswoman said. The agent had been transferred to Eilat to purchase drugs from a number of dealers. "Malka was determined to see the operation through, and now she will receive her dream job with Beersheba Police's Central Crimes Unit," Philipson said. Border policeman Yoni Hanukyav began "operating 10 months ago, and in a short time bought a range of drugs. He incriminated 36 dealers, and we have arrested 32 of them. We know who the other four are and they, too, will be arrested," the spokeswoman vowed. Philipson said the interrogations of the dealers now under way would help reveal the origin of the drugs.