Drunk driver accused of manslaughter

Sped 171 km/h before killing six; has history of four previous traffic offenses.

lod crash 298.88 (photo credit: Courtesy of Hatzala)
lod crash 298.88
(photo credit: Courtesy of Hatzala)
Yaron Bracha, the driver who caused last week's car accident near Lod that killed six people, including his twin brother, has been indicted for manslaughter and driving under the influence of drugs, police said Tuesday. It was unclear whether Bracha, who was scheduled to be released from the hospital on Tuesday, would be present at his own hearing.
  • Opinion: Stop the carnage! According to the indictment, Bracha had been driving drunk and had taken drugs, including marijuana and cocaine, prior to the crash. Bracha failed last Wednesday night to stop at the red light of the Ginaton Junction, crossed it at a speed of 171 kilometers per hour and crashed into an oncoming car, killing all five of its passengers and his brother, who was riding next to him. In addition to manslaughter charges, Bracha has been accused of reckless driving, ignoring the possible consequences of his actions while taking unreasonable risks, and endangering others on the road. A text message was found a cell phone in Bracha's car saying that the sender was "really drunk;" it was unknonwn whether Bracha or his brother had sent the message. According to police, Bracha had a history of driving offenses and had received a sentence of three months of conditional jail time for four previous violations. "We are speaking of a man who can be classified as criminally negligent, who knew full well the danger he posed to himself and others," Traffic Police Superintendent Yaacov Cohen said on Sunday.