Drunk teens beat up Afula policewoman

Three of the suspects are under the age of 18 and one of the assailants was only 15 years old.

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Two days after a brutal attack by teenage girls against a policewoman was captured on camera and broadcast on national news, two of the key suspects had their remands extended Sunday. The incident began on Friday night in the parking lot of the Cue Bar nightclub in Afula. There, the policewoman confronted a teenage girl after the young woman spat and threw a lit cigarette at her. The policewoman requested to see the teen's identity card but instead of a simple complaint, the incident became far more serious when the teen and her friends attacked the policewoman, beating her and even grabbing her firearm. One girl, the policewoman said, held her down while the others beat her. Only the quick reaction of the policewoman's partner saved the situation from deteriorating when he wrested the weapon out of one of the assailant's hands. Immediately after the incident, police detained five young women for questioning. Four of those women - including two minors - were arrested. The 19-year-old policewoman, who is doing her national service with the Israel Police, was taken for medical attention to the Ha'emek Hospital in Afula, where doctors treated her for injuries to her head and body. The five suspects were taken Saturday night for a remand extension at the Nazareth Magistrate's Court, where the remands were extended for periods between two to three days. The same court re-extended the remand of two of those suspects by an additional seven days Sunday. Three of the suspects are under the age of 18 and one of the assailants was only 15 years old. Police said the five young women were drunk at the time of the attack. On Sunday, police arrested an additional two people - a father and son - suspected of involvement in the attack. Those two and yet another suspect were taken before the Nazareth Magistrate's court. The same pub had recently reopened after being closed by police two weeks ago when the pub's security guard fired shots in the air to break up a brawl among partiers. The pub only reopened after its owners appealed to the court to reverse the closure.