Editor's Notes: Days of War

Day 12: The weekend the war got complicated Overwhelming reliance on air power has proved incapable of shattering the Hizbullah military infrastructure Day 10: When it's over When the guns fall silent, how much of long-term significance will have been achieved? Day 7: Hizbullah still at half its strength The ultimate resolution of the conflict will be around a table, the IDF believes, and Hizbullah won't have a seat. Day 6: A deepening consensus behind need for action The respect afforded Olmert in the Knesset reflects a rare degree of national unanimity. Day 5: Nasrallah cornered but still dangerous There's nothing like a poor quality, pre-recorded video tape for reducing one's stature. Day 4: The air force's test The more effective the IAF proves, the less likely a resort to heavy ground operations. Given the limitations of air power in completely halting Kassam fire from Gaza, the task is complex indeed. Day 2: Israel at war There are those who have branded this latest conflict a continuation of Israel's War of Independence, and there is no little truth in the assertion.