Education Corps helps Ashkelon schools

The Education Ministry dispatched 150 Education Corps soldiers to Ashkelon on Monday to assist at schools during emergencies. The deployment came at the request of the Home Front Command. The soldiers will help children into shelters when necessary and teach the proper procedures to follow during emergencies. They will also provide moral support to educators and students. The soldiers do not have advanced psychological training, but were chosen because of their experience in dealing with communities and youth, Zion Shabat, head of the manpower branch of the Pedagogy Department at the Education Ministry, told The Jerusalem Post. Shabat said the soldiers had just finished a refresher course in the Home Front Command before being sent to the city, which has been under attack by Kassams and Katyushas from Gaza since last week. They will be staying in a safe place in the city, he added. "Right now, they are scheduled to stay and help for four or five days, but it depends what the situation is there," Shabat said. In addition, 30 Education Corps soldiers have been operating in Sderot since last Wednesday, the ministry said.