Education Ministry wraps up year of projects

A year of Education Ministry projects focusing on Israel's 60th anniversary - including student contests and special curricula - will reach its peak this Independence Day with two of the ministry's flagship events: the International Bible Quiz and the Israel Prize ceremony. The ministry launched a series of projects on November 29, 2007 focusing on the last 60 years of Israel, staggered throughout the year. One project was devoted to the music of Israel, both Hebrew and Arab. Pupils learned Israeli songs throughout the year and delved into their composers, messages and cultural significance. In elementary schools, a special curriculum addressed holidays and the achievements of the state. In high schools, the curriculum focused on various lenses through which one could evaluate the state's achievements, be it from a values perspective or in hindsight. Looking to the future, the ministry also launched an initiative to encourage high school pupils to articulate their vision of Israel in 20 years. A companion Web site enabled a variety of expressions focusing on man, society, the environment and technology. The Israel Prize 2008 ceremony will be held at the Jerusalem International Convention Center on Thursday evening at 7:10 p.m. It will be broadcast live on Channel 1 starting at 7:25 p.m. This year, six lifetime achievement awards will be presented in honor of the 60th anniversary. The recipients of those awards will be the Jewish Agency, the Manufacturers Association, the youth movement council of Israel, Ezer Mizion, Perach, and three women's organizations in Israel - Naamat, WIZO, and Emunah.