Eitan: Gil has time to figure out its position

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Interviewed on Educational Television on Wednesday, Gil Pensioners' Party leader Rafi Eitan said his party still had to formulate its position on various issues, but that its overriding purpose was to work for the benefit of senior citizens. "We are not the ones to determine the direction of the coalition," he said. "We'll see where the coalition is going and on the basis of that, we'll decide whether or not to join it, or whether to support it from the outside." Asked whether he was still on the US "wanted" list in connection with being the handler for Jonathan Pollard, who passed classified information on to Israel, Eitan replied that as far as he was aware, no one was looking for him anywhere. He said he would continue to try to get Pollard released and believed he could be more effective in this regard if he was a minister. Notwithstanding the fact that he is 79 years old, Eitan did not enter the race for a one-time fling. With God's help, he intended to run again in four years' time, he said. Eitan subsequently told The Jerusalem Post that his party was in no hurry to decide where it was going beyond the obligation that it had taken upon itself. "We still have time until April 17," he said. "We're elderly people. We work slowly." The most important thing, he emphasized, "is to take care of our own."