Eitan: Ready shelters for Iran attack

"Iran said very clearly that if they come under attack, they'll target Israel."

rafi eitan 298.88 ap (photo credit: AP)
rafi eitan 298.88 ap
(photo credit: AP)
Pensioners Minister Rafi Eitan called for the readying of bomb shelters and reinforced rooms countrywide on Tuesday, in advance of a possible conflict with Iran. The comments were made on the eve of an Iranian announcement regarding the country's nuclear program. The UN has given Iran until August 31 to comply with a Security Council resolution to cease nuclear development. Iran has indicated that on Tuesday they will reject such calls. During a tour of the North on Monday night, Eitan, who is a former senior Mossad official, said that if there was an escalation between the US and Iran, Israel would be the first to be attacked by Iranian missiles. "We are liable to face an Iranian missile attack," Eitan told Israel Radio. "The Iranians have said very clearly that if they come under attack, their primary target would be Israel." Following the month-long conflict with Hizbullah, Prime Minister Olmert has come under increasing pressure to answer concerns about Israeli readiness. In a meeting with Kiryat Shmona Municipal Council members, those concerned turned into heated criticism. "It is an understatement to say the residents here are very angry," said Yigal Buzaglo, a councilman. "People here were abandoned. I ask you, Mr. Prime Minister, where were you? Why didn't you worry about us?" Another councilman, Yona Fartok, said he had never witnessed such poverty and humiliation. "It looked just like New Orleans," he said. "Suddenly you see how weak the city is. Stop showing us disrespect. Why are army bases moving to the South and not to the North? Where are you leading us?" Olmert listened and then defended his government, saying it had only been in power for two months when the war broke out. The fighting "was a wake-up call that allows us to defend ourselves better," he said.