Ezra: Israel to share intelligence with four European countries

Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra announced that Israel has agreed to share intelligence information with Germany, Holland, Belgium and Greece. Ezra made his comments from Germany, where he was taking part in a conference of interior ministers that included participants from the four countries. The ministers agreed to sharing intelligence, with Israel obligated to help out any countries that requests help in the fight against terrorism. Ezra also had separate talks with German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble about declaring Hizbullah a terrorist organization and banning its TV station from broadcasting in the country, said Yehuda Maman, a spokesman at Israel's Internal Security Ministry. At a press conference, Ezra said he hoped the international community would find an answer to the threat of Iran gaining nuclear weapons. Asked about security for the World Cup, which is taking place in Germany in June, he said he had faith in the government's ability to protect the fans and the participants, although he did add a warning to this. "We should not forget Munich and allow a repeat of what happened," he said, referring to the 1972 Olympics, when Palestinian terrorists captured and killed 11 Israeli athletes.