Feiglin: 'The story is Jerusalem'

Faction leader accuses Netanyahu of planning a second disengagement.

Feiglin 311 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Feiglin 311
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
On the day of anelection to change the Likud's constitution, after over 20% eligiblevoters reached the polls, Moshe Feiglin, head of the JewishLeadership faction within the Likud, accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of planning asecond disengagement on Israel Radio.
It seems thatNetanyahu thinks that a true Likudnik would split up Jerusalem,”Feiglin said. “This vote is about Jerusalem; not Feiglin, notNetanyahu.”
Feiglin wasparticularly concerned that pushing off Likud internal electionswould give Netanyahu unlimited power to disengage from Jerusalemwithout approval from the Likud.
If, G-d forbid, hisproposal will pass,” Feiglin said, “there is nothing to stopNetanyahu from doing what Sharon did, only not in Gush Katif, but inJerusalem.”
Feiglin also accusedNetanyahu of “stealing this election.”
Have you ever heardof elections without observers? With traveling voting booths?” Whenthe Israel Radio interviewer pointed out that a judge approved thesemoves, Feiglin retorted, “this is the same judge that agreed totake me out of the Likud's list [for the Knesset] after I waselected.”
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Feiglin called thejudge that approved the Likud election process a “goyishe judge,”and said “I have no trust” in the judges. “When there are noobservers in the vote and no observers in the counting of the votes,the feeling is that this is fixed.”
This morning, weheard that Obama invited Eli Yishai to Washington, in order to melthis opposition [to freezing construction] and have a disengagement inJerusalem,” Feiglin said, claiming that this is a sign that “asfar as Washington's concerned, the vote already passed” inNetanyahu's favor. Feiglin explained that the Obama administrationthinks it only needs to convince Yishai to split Jerusalem, and notthe Likud.
In response toaccusations that he is in favor of soldiers refusing to follow IDForders, Feiglin said “I am an IDF officer! To say that I am againstthe IDF is nonsense.” He avoided directly answering questions aboutinsubordination, saying “the story is Jerusalem!”
Immediately after Feiglin's interview, MK CarmelShama of the Likud said that Netanyahu “had been underinternational pressure, pressure from [US President] Barack Obama and pressure fromIsraeli public opinion in the last few months, but he still did notblink once when it came to Jerusalem.”
The Likud is united when it comes to Jerusalem,”Shama explained, saying no one in the party wants to split thecapital city.
“The story is not Jerusalem,” he said, addressingFeiglin. “You are the only one who is endangering the future of theLikud government.”