Fires erupt throughout the North as heat wave grips the country

The latest heat wave sent firefighters scrambling on Monday, with brush fires forcing rescue services to evacuate hundreds of travelers from various locations throughout the country. In the Carmela Forest, near Beit Shemesh, 300 hikers were evacuated from a fire which erupted in the area. Firefighters and Jewish National Fund (JNF) workers continue to battle the blaze. Elsewhere, another fire was reported near Nahal El Al, in the southern Golan Heights. A large contingent of firefighters and support units - including specialty planes - rushed to scene to evacuate dozens of hikers from the area and to contain the blaze. Earlier, a fire broke out in Moshav Zanuah, near Beit Shemesh, endangering farms in the area. While nobody was injured in the blaze, one building was reportedly burnt down.