Fischer to Hamas: Recognize the Jewish state

Stanley Fischer, Israel's central bank chief on Sunday offered a simple solution for the Western dilemma on how to send aid to the Palestinians without supporting the new Hamas government: They should recognize Israel and stop violence. Fischer, who moved to Israel to take over governorship of the Bank of Israel last year, also said he understands the government's decision to suspend the tax transfers to the Palestinians. "It's kind of awkward to start transferring money to a government that doesn't recognize your right to exist," he told reporters. Fischer said "the whole world is trying to find a way to get to the issue of how can you help Palestinians with humanitarian aid without supporting the Hamas government. That's very difficult." He said non-governmental organizations and United Nations agencies could provide a partial solution. "Beyond that, it starts getting very complicated," he said. "Of course, the easiest way to deal with it is for Hamas to change its stand."