Former consul Pinkas leaves Labor for Tafnit

A year and a half after he left his position as Israel's consul-general in New York, Alon Pinkas has joned his second political party, former IDF deputy chief of general staff Uzi Dayan's Tafnit Party. Pinkas ran for Knesset with Labor but did not win a realistic slot. Dayan offered Pinkas a slot on his Tafnit list, but he turned it down because he did not believe it would be appropriate for him to take a slot from someone who had been in the party longer. Pinkas accepted Dayan's request to use his television skills to serve as Tafnit's public relations manager. "I genuinely believe that Dayan is a serious and worthy guy who should be in the government," Pinkas said. "I didn't feel comfortable being in a party with Amir Peretz and Yacimovich, who are taking Labor in the wrong direction." The top three candidates on Tafnit's list are Dayan, social activist Eti Peretz and former Meimad MK Yehuda Gilad.