Former Kach members arrested for racist graffiti

Two former members of the ultra-nationalist Kach party, who had allegedly sprayed graffiti that called for the expulsion of Arabs and the annihilation of a Gaza village, were arrested early Tuesday morning in Sderot, Israel Radio reported. The two were arrested under the suspicion of vandalizing property after they reportedly sprayed the words "Kahane was right. There is a solution [and it is] to expel the Arab enemy," and "we must erase Beit Hanun." The Kach movement - designated a terror organization and outlawed 18 years ago - revealed last week that it intends to petition the High Court of Justice to reinstate its legal status and allow its members to run for the Knesset. Rabbi Meir Kahane, the movement's founder, was a militant proponent of forcing Israel's Arab population to leave the country.