Former top cop set to join Likud

Former police inspector-general Assaf Hefetz announced Sunday that he will join the Likud and run for the Knesset. Hefetz expressed interest in becoming public security minister, but both he and sources close to Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu denied that he had been promised a portfolio. Before Hefetz joins Likud, he will have to renounce his Labor Party membership. A Labor official called Hefetz a "cheap opportunist." Hefetz is the Likud's latest acquisition among security men, following former IDF deputy chief of General Staff Maj.-Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan, who joined the party in June. "Domestic security is of great importance to the citizens of this country after the deterioration of the last few years and Netanyahu and Hefetz saw eye-to-eye on the changes needed to deal with it," a source close to Netanyahu said. "There is a wave of leaders joining Likud and the election [campaign] hasn't even begun. They realize that there's only one person who can lead this country."