Four arrested in clashes over Modi’in Illit home demolition

Police arrested four minors from the settlement of Modi’in Illit on Thursday following clashes with security forces who had arrived to demolish three homes built in violation of the 10-month moratorium on new settlement construction.
Police who accompanied the civil administration crew said a crowd had gathered around the security forces and prevented them from leaving.
When Judea and Samaria police officers attempted to restore order, police added, officers were attacked by four minors.
The four were arrested for assaulting police officers.
However, one young man from the area who was at the scene said that the opposite was true. He alleged that the officers had brutally attacked residents who had raced to the scene to try and prevent the destruction of the three homes, which were located in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the settlement.
Raphael Asara, who represents one of the homeowners, said that the sitewas authorized for construction and that the foundation had been laidprior to the start of the moratorium on November 26.
No demolition orders or stop-work orders had been issued to the family, he said.
The family learned of the civil administration’s presence from aPalestinian contractor who called them. They came to the site with alltheir documents, but were not able to avert the destruction of the home.
Asara said the family was weighing a lawsuit against the civil administration.