Four Israelis stoned on J'lem-Hebron highway

Four Israelis and two Palestinians were wounded in separate incidents in the West Bank Monday. During the afternoon, the Israelis were lightly wounded from barrages of stones thrown at their cars near the Al-Aroub refugee camp north of Hebron. The road is the main access route for Israelis traveling between Jerusalem and Hebron. Two of the motorists required hospital treatment, one of the wounded was a female photographer for Makor Rishon. Security forces who reached the site were forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the Palestinian stone throwers after clashes erupted. One Palestinian was detained. In Kalil south of Nablus, Border Policemen shot and wounded a Palestinian as he attempted to throw a firebomb at them. The incident occurred after security forces searching houses in the village uncovered a gun and two telescopic rifle sites. Palestinians opened fire and detonated two bombs near security forces, no one was wounded but damage was caused to an IDF jeep. Shortly after, police shot a Palestinian as he prepared to throw a firebomb at them. His condition remains unclear. Another Palestinian was wounded by IDF gunfire near Sussiya southeast of Hebron after he ignored the soldiers' calls to halt and refused to take off a coat he wore, which soldiers suspected may have been hiding a bomb belt. It later became apparent that the Palestinian was not carrying a bomb. After being treated by IDF medics at the site, he was handed over to the Red Crescent ambulance service. Before dawn on Monday, security forces arrested five Palestinian fugitives in villages close to Ramallah and Bethlehem. Four of the fugitives are affiliated with the Fatah Tanzim and one with Hamas.