Funerals held for 2 young girls who were strangled to death

Michal Aloni, their mother and suspect, will see psychiatrist to determine if she needs to be hospitalized; neighbors gather in street and curse.

311_raanana kids murder scene crowd (photo credit: Alon Hakmon / Israel Post)
311_raanana kids murder scene crowd
(photo credit: Alon Hakmon / Israel Post)
Roni and Natalie Aloni, the two girls aged four and six who were strangled to death Wednesday in their home in Ra'anana, were buried on Thursday at Kfar Nahman cemetery.
Michal Aloni, the mother of the girls, has allegedly confessed to killing her daughters. Earlier on Thursday, Kfar Saba Magistrates Court extended her remand by eight days.
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The mother will go to see a district psychiatrist in an attempt to determine if she needs to be hospitalized.

Earlier on Thursday Aloni returned to the scene of the crime with police to reconstruct the events that took place in her Ra'anana apartment.
Aloni stepped out of the police car and covered her face with the jacket that she was wearing.

Neighbors gathered in the street and cursed the mother as she walked, calling her a "murderer" and "wicked."
Michal Aloni allegedly choked her two young daughters to death, police said, in an alleged double homicide that left neighbors stunned.
Amos Aloni, 55, husband of the murder suspect and father of the slain girls, became concerned when he attempted to call his wife, Michal, and received no reply.

Aloni contacted Magen David Adom paramedics, who arrived at the address on Rehov Hama’alot and discovered the lifeless bodies of the two sisters, Roni, four, and Natalie, six.
The paramedics immediately contacted the police.
“I took their lives,” Michal told officers who arrived on the scene. She was immediately arrested, together with her 46-year-old brother, who is suspected of being in the home during the time of the murders.
“Michal Aloni is the main suspect,” a Sharon Police spokesman told the Post. “We are attempting to ascertain the brother’s role in this.”
Michal Aloni had worked periodically as a kindergarten assistant and in elder care, but she had not worked recently due to back problems. Amos Aloni worked as a kindergarten security guard for the Ra’anana Municipality. He has four children from a previous marriage. staff contributed to this report.