Galilee mom released to house arrest

Woman suspected of trying to euthanize son partially admits to allegations.

The woman who was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of having tried to euthanize her 17-year-old son began to cooperate with her investigators on Thursday.
The 53-year-old woman, from an Arab Israeli village in the North, was taken into custody after police received a report from the youth, who suffers from muscular dystrophy.
The woman denied the allegations during questioning on Tuesday, butpartially admitted to them on Thursday and began to cooperate withpolice. As a result, her remand was extended, and the HaifaMagistrate's Court released her to house arrest for ten days.
According to the teenager, his mother had smothered him with a pillowand disrupted the oxygen tube placed in his throat on Monday. Theteenager reported the alleged actions to nurse at Haifa's RambamMedical Center, and the hospital called in police to investigate.
The boy has been ill with the degenerative disease since the age of 11,and police suspect his mother was motivated by a desire to alleviatehis suffering.