'Gaydamak's millions not the solution to Kassams'

"I praise the willingness of Arkady Gaydamak to invest his money in the children of Sderot, but unfortunately, his solution is the opposite of what needs to be done - an uncompromising battle in Gaza without escape to cities of refuge," NU-NRP MK Nissan Slomiansky said in a press release on Thursday. "Is he prepared tomorrow to start to evacuate the children of Ashkelon and Ashdod?" continued Slomiansky. "Because eventually, the Kassams and Katyushas will reach every place. The NU-NRP MK went on to say that the solution to the Kassam attacks was not the evacuation of Israeli citizens. "Holidaying in Eilat is a good solution after an end to the Kassam attacks," he said.