Gershon laments wartime chaos in northern Israel

OC Home Front Command told Winograd C'tee that he's "at peace with himself with relation to the preparations ahead of the war."

gershon yitzhak kenya 88 (photo credit: IDF Spokesperson's Office)
gershon yitzhak kenya 88
(photo credit: IDF Spokesperson's Office)
Residents of the North suffered from the absence of a guiding hand and overall confusion throughout the Second Lebanon War, OC Home Front Command Maj.-Gen. Yitzhak Gershon told the Winograd Committee. In lengthy testimony released for publication on Thursday, Gershon said that while there were definitely problems and failures with his unit's functioning during the war, he was satisfied with the Home Front Command's overall performance. "I am at peace with myself with relation to the preparations the Home Front Command made ahead of the war as well as with the performance of the command during the war," Gershon told the committee, which was set up to probe the failures of the monthlong war and is due to report in the next few weeks. Gershon said the allocation of the various responsibilities for the home front to different bodies lead to misunderstandings and confusion. "The Israeli home front is in a very complicated situation," he said. Asked why the North was not evacuated at the outset of the war in July 2006, Gershon told the panel that he had not felt it was his place to organize an orderly civilian evacuation. "Residents always flee their homes," he said. "It happened during the first Gulf war and it always happens… I say it is not worth getting involved in those civilian processes during the first stages [of a conflict]." Gershon said future conflicts could also involve significant missile strikes against Israel. "We will not be able to track down each missile and rocket," he said.