Gilad: Despite threat on Dimona, no high tension between Israel, Syria

Amos Gilad, head of the Defense Ministry Diplomatic-Security Branch, on Saturday dismissed any notion of high tension between Israel and Syria, despite an earlier warning from Syrian legislator Muhammad Habash that if Damascus feels threatened it may attack the Dimona nuclear reactor. Gilad told Israel Radio that he chose to see Habash's words in a different, more positive light. "Since Israel is not threatening Syria, and the Syrians are well aware of this, there is no war on the agenda between Israel and Syria," said Gilad. "Put simply," he continued, "Israel does not intend to attack Syria, Syria doesn't intend to attack Israel and, therefore, no real tension is expected between the two countries on the military front." Gilad claimed that the current period was actually one of "relative calm" between the two sides.