Government to meet Sunday to discuss Palestinian prisoners' release

The government will convene on Sunday to discuss releasing additional Palestinian prisoners as a gesture to PA President Mahmoud Abbas. The ministerial committee in charge of prisoner release criteria agreed on Monday to submit a list to the government of between 150 and 220 names of prisoners without 'blood on their hands' and an additional list of between 3 and 5 prisoners who have caused harm to Israelis and have served over 25 years in prison. Palestinian sources estimate that among the names on the list will be those of Said al-Atabe [who was jailed in 1977 for commanding a military cell that was involved in an attack that killed one Israeli and wounded 32 others] and 2 Fatah MPs, Ali abu-Yata and Jamal Huwei. PA officials said that they expect a meeting to be set with Israeli officials to discuss the logistics of the release and to approve the list.