Graffiti threats against PM in Knesset

Two anti-disengagement activists scrawled death threats against Ariel Sharon on walls of a bathroom in the Knesset while the prime minister was in the building, parliamentary officials revealed Thursday. A cleaning lady discovered the graffiti on November 7. Although Sharon was in the building when the threats were found, officials said he was not in any danger because all visitors to the building must first pass security screenings. Two girls, both students of a religious girls high school in the Binyamin Regional Council, and one holding a previous arrest record for anti-disengagement activity were arrested Thursday. The threats, reading "Mr. Rabin is waiting for Mr. Sharon," and "We killed Rabin, and we will kill Sharon," were written on a mirror and in a bathroom stall. A third phrase labeled Sharon "A criminal of the disengagement," a reference to the Gaza pullout. The threats were reminiscent of those made against Rabin before his murder 10 years ago by an ultra-nationalist Jew opposed to Rabin's concessions to the Palestinians. Parliament security officials launched an inquiry after discovering the graffiti, said Giora Pordes, a parliament spokesman. Earlier this week they turned their findings over to the police. "Somebody was brave enough to put this graffiti on the Israeli parliament. Everybody has to take it very, very seriously," Pordes said. Police questioned the girls about separate, unrelated incidents earlier this week and during interrogation they acknowledged roles in the parliament incident, police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said. One of the girls remained under arrest Thursday and the second was expected to appear before a judge in Jerusalem on Friday. Rosenfeld said no charges would be filed until police completed their investigation. The girls' names and exact ages were not released. AP contributed to this report.