Group of sharks spotted off Haifa shore

This is first time these sharks have been seen so close to Israeli coast.

foxshark88 (photo credit: )
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A group of roughly fifteen sharks was observed swimming about three meters from Haifa's Hof Ha-Carmel shore on Wednesday afternoon. The sharks were spotted near the rocks just off the shore, north of "Maxim" restaurant. Police stated that the area where the sharks were observed is not a legal swimming beach. Dr. Danni Golani, an ichthyologist (fish researcher) from the Hebrew University, told the Jerusalem Post that from the information given to him these were probably "Fox Sharks" (Alopius Vulpinus) - a very large type of shark, sometimes reaching a length of 3-4.5 meters, and boasting a tail about half the length of their body. Dr. Golani stated that it is possible the sharks came near the shore in order to mate, though this is the first time that they have been seen so close to the Israeli shore, as they typically live in much deeper waters. He emphasized that these sharks did not pose a danger to the public, and that this species has never been reported to attack humans.