'Gun silencer factory' uncovered near Ramle

Gun silencer factory u

gun silencer factory 248.88 (photo credit: Israel Police)
gun silencer factory 248.88
(photo credit: Israel Police)
Police uncovered a "gun-silencer factory" near Ramle on Wednesday afternoon, during a raid on the home of a man suspected of being active in the weapons trade. The search, led by Ramle Police officers under the command of F.-Sgt. David Ben-Senior, was carried out in conjunction with a police K9 unit in the village of Talmei Menashe. Ten silencers allegedly assembled by the suspect were recovered in the raid, as were two silencers that were mounted on firearms. Three guns were seized, together with M-16 magazine clips and hundreds of ammunition rounds. The suspect, a 44-year-old father of six, told police he was a weapons collector. But police dismissed that explanation outright. "We believe he planned to sell them to criminals. He is known for violence, drugs and arms offenses," a police spokeswoman said. The case has been handed to the Central District's Central Unit. Also on Wednesday, a brawl between rival clans broke out in the predominantly Arab neighborhood of Jouraish in Ramle. Two young men were wounded in the fight and rushed to the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center in Tzrifin. A police bomb squad was called to the scene after an explosive device thrown during the fight was found. The bomb had failed to explode, and sappers defused it. Police have arrested several suspects in connection with the incident, and say more arrests are expected.