Gush Katif residents: We will act as a buffer

Northern Gush Katif residents announced Monday morning that they were willing to return and settle in their former homes from which they were evacuated in the Disengagement in order to act as security buffers for Israeli towns in the western Negev. The Disengagement was a mistake and it must be fixed, Army Radio quoted former Elei Sinai resident, Avi Farhan, as saying. "The fact is that [Palestinians] are firing [rockets] at Sderot, Ashkelon and the western Negev from my home in Elei Sinai. The solution is to return us to our homes. This will solve two problems: Both a security problem and our rehabilitation problem. Even today, when we are two years after [the evacuation], we are yet to be settled in permanent housing. We still live in rental homes," said Farhan.