Hadera rabbi's son charged with assault

The 24-year-old son of Rabbi Simon Biton, the chief rabbi of Hadera, was charged with assault Tuesday by the Jerusalem District Court for running over a city parking lot attendant following a dispute over a parking fee, police said. Itamar Biton got into an argument with an attendant at the city's central Shuk Canion over his parking fee after shopping at the indoor mall on January 1. During the dispute, Biton ran over the parking attendant as she stood in front of the car, who then fell on top of the car's engine, the charge sheet stated. Biton continued driving with the attendant barely hanging onto the hood of the vehicle, the indictment said. As the parking attendant held on for her life, Biton drove 20 m. out of the parking lot and then turned onto the main street, throwing the attendant off the car and into the street, according to the charge sheet. The parking attendant, Noga Zouraish, hit her head on the ground and briefly lost consciousness. As Zouraish lay on the street, Biton drove off without offering her any help or even summoning medical assistance, the charge sheet stated. Zouraish was subsequently evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital by medics who were summoned by passersby. Police said that the whole incident was caught on film by security cameras at the entrance to the parking lot.
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