Haifa: 6 indicted for murder of soldier last month

Six Haifa residents were indicted Wednesday morning for the murder of IDF soldier Nidal Mansur at the entrance to the Rocco Beach nightclub in the city's Carmel Beach neighborhood one-and-a-half months ago. According to the indictment served to the Haifa District Court, the six gang members were angered that they were refused entry into the club and sprayed gunfire at bystanders, mortally injuring Mansur, 20, from the village of Osfia in the Carmel region. After the six allegedly had refused to submit to security checks. The indictment claims that DNA belonging to the chief suspect in the case, Eitan Getz, was found on the gun used in the murder, Army Radio reported. Another suspect in the case, Sami Rozolio, became state's witness.