Haifa to fight vandalism following park-burning

Around NIS 130,000 of damage was caused to a public park in Kiryat Haim, outside Haifa, over the weekend. The vandals burned the playground equipment, including the rubber safety floors installed under the slides and monkey bars. The park was built in 2001 at a cost of NIS 4 million, and it stretches along a route running between public buildings and schools all the way to the coast, creating an uninterrupted expanse of green areas. Police were investigating the incident, following a complaint from the Haifa municipality. Haifa's mayor, Yonah Yahav, expressed revulsion at the acts he said were harmful to children, mothers, and the elderly, who all use the park on a daily basis. This latest act of vandalism adds to the long list of vandalism in Haifa during 2005 that cost the city an estimated NIS 2.5 million. The municipality was considering installing hidden cameras in areas prone to vandalism.