Haim Amram's sister recalls his sacrifices

When Rikki, sister of security guard Haim Amram who was killed in Netanya on Monday, heard of the bombing, she immediately knew her brother was killed. Monday's suicide attack was not the first time he faced death on the job, Rikki confessed in an interview with Channel 1. He was on the job during the last terrorist attack at the same mall in July. In another incident, a drunken man tried to strangle him from behind. Each time, Rikki related with tears streaming down her face, he returned to work the next day without a single complaint. "He loved his job," she concluded. Rikki added that her brother would take care of the family, often sacrificing his own needs. Even in the "little things," such as lending her his car so that she wouldn't have to hitchhike, he was always there to help. Amram had great plans for the future. He was reportedly planning a romantic trip with his girlfriend, in which he was hoping to propose to her.