Halutz: Capturing guerillas was not initial goal

"The operation harmed those that had threatened us," IDF Chief of the General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz commented on Tuesday night's Baalbek raid. Halutz spoke of the raid that lasted several hours and involved both air and ground operations. "The final outcome of the operation is not yet quite clear because we collected materials that must be analyzed," the general said on Wednesday afternoon. "I have no doubt that more advantages from this operation will be discovered," the general continued, "this was part of the larger-scale operation, and we will continue such actions if necessary. Capturing people was not our initial objective." The IDF captured five Hizbullah guerrillas and killed at least 10 in a commando raid in Lebanon, Halutz said. He confirmed that the five were being questioned. Asked in an Associated Press interview who was captured in the raid, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said "tasty fishes" were among those seized. Hizbullah denied those captured belonged to the guerrilla group. "Those who were taken prisoner are citizens. It will not be long before the (Israeli) enemy will discover that they are ordinary citizens," Hizbullah said in a statement broadcast on its Al-Manar television.